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Additional services that N J Lewis & Associates Ltd can offer

N J Lewis & Associates Ltd, also offer several other services that help with additional issues that arise within the building industry as well as helping issues that come about when owning a domestic or commercial property. Please click on a service below for more information. If you are unable to find a service that you require, then please click here to contact a member of our team.

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Sometimes the boundary between neighbours can cause a dispute to arise. Often the Land Registry is the only legal source for defining the location of boundaries. The scale of the drawings provided by the Land Registry is such that the thickness of a pen indicating the location of the boundary is the equivalent to approximately 300 millimetres onsite. The Land Registry drawings are therefore unable to offer more than cursory information regarding the real location of a boundary.

We can assist in finding and clarifying the location of the boundary.

Site Inspection

N J Lewis & Associates Ltd will attend site to find boundary markers that may exist to assist in defining the location of the original boundary or previous boundaries. A site inspection may require additional assistance from a contractor to clear away debris, such as if the property’s garden is overgrown preventing close inspection.

Other Information

As part of our investigation we would seek to locate other information that may assist in providing details of a boundary location. This may include the previous planning history and maps of the site and any other information that may be available including aerial photographic evidence.

Land Registry

Although the Land Registry plans may be inadequate for measuring the location of the boundary there are occasions when the drawings will indicate other features that can assist in locating the position of the boundary. Land Registry information may also be available for adjoining properties which can be obtained to ascertain whether the neighbours have different information available to them.