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CDM Regulations 2015 – Brexit Update



CDM Regulations 2015 – Brexit Update

In April 2015 the new CDM Regulations came into force although there was an option for work on site to select whether to encompass the new 2015 Regulations or comply with the 2007 Regulations that lasted until 31 October 2015.

A year on, has much changed? Of the 144 people killed at work in 2015/16, 43 of the fatalities were in the construction industry. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have confirmed that more workers are killed in the Building Industry than in any other.

And then there is Brexit. The CDM2015 Regulations came as a result of an EU directive, so will our withdrawal from the EU affect the legislation? The answer is no. The EU directive started the process but CDM2015 is a UK wide statutory instrument, in other words it now British Legislation and totally independent of Europe.

As a result of high fatalities in the industry there is actually more pressure on the HSE to enforce the Regulations, and this is where we can assist.

The Regulations place a duty of care on the Principal Designer to ensure that Health & Safety has been considered at an early stage and that the client is aware of the responsibility to ensure that Health & Safety is incorporated into the decision making process of the design and the selection of an appropriate contractor.

We can act in the role of Principal Designer for a fixed fee, please get in touch for more information. As we have previously acted in the role of Planning Supervisor under the 1994 CDM Regulations and in the role of CDM-C under the 2007 CDM Regulations we have experience in providing the knowledge, skill and experience that are specifically noted within the 2015 Regulations.